User Experience Consulting

User Experience Consulting, from David S. Platt

President, Rolling Thunder Computing Inc
Instructor in Computer Science, Harvard University Extension School

Author of Why Software Sucks  and The Joy of UX

In-house at your company, on your schedule, customized to your needs
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It all starts with the user. Today's software sucks because it's designed by geeks for themselves, from the toolkit outward, instead of starting from the users' needs and working inwards. 

User experience design isn't about fonts and color schemes, although that's the way many app designers think of it. It's about knowing your users: who they are, why they come to you, what will make them happy.

I'll work with your user experience designers from the beginning to figure out who your users are and what problems they come to you to solve. What different categories of users do you have? How do they evolve over time?

We'll work on your application's feature set. We'll work on the presentation of that feature set. Above all, we'll figure out how to make the user think about your program as little as possible, ideally zero. Then we'll prototype a few different choices and run tests to see what works and what doesn't. And we'll also discuss how to instrument your application to track user behavior over the long term.

Read my article on Using WPF For Good and Not Evil. That's the analysis I'll apply to your program. Call today.