COM, COM+, OLE, and ActiveX in Today's Environment



It’s really hard to get help with your COM projects these days, isn’t it? They’re as critical to your success as they’ve ever been, and as frustrating as they’ve ever been, but it’s really hard to find the knowledge that you need to implement them successfully.

I can help you.  I am one of the world’s foremost experts on COM, COM+, OLE, and ActiveX. I’ve written books on them, which you can see above, including Microsoft Press’s lead book on COM+. I’ve written many articles on these technologies in MSDN Magazine and its predecessor Microsoft Systems Journal, such as here , here , here ,  here , here , and here  . I’ve also taught them at Harvard University Extension School.

I can help you keep your COM implementations going, deal with other implementations that you can’t migrate, or help you get ready to migrate out of them. Whether you implement or use COM objects directly through their interfaces, or via the MFC, ATL, or Visual Basic abstractions, you need someone who understands what’s going on under the hood.

I can teach it to your developers, an in-house training class which you won’t find many other places.

Each need is now customized. Call me today and we’ll work one out.  978-356-6377