David Platt
Implementing ACORD XML on the Microsoft .NET Platform


Implementing ACORD XML Web Services

on the Microsoft Platform 

Three-Day Private Class

Detailed Syllabus

This class drills into more detail than our one-day introduction. Instead of artificial packaged labs, the hands-on work class applies the principles taught in class to your product development. Customizing the syllabus to your needs is also possible. Call (978) 356 6377 for more information or to schedule yours

Day 1 Morning:   ACORD XML standards for web services, Introduction to Microsoft IVC ASF

Lecture: Quick examination of ACORD XML standard for your line of business.  Examination of ACORD's AWSP profile, specifying the use of ACORD XML in web services. Comparison with other standards. Location and design goals of Microsoft IVC AFS, download and installation, examination of its contents. Building and running sample application.

Lab: Examination and discussion of your specific plans to implement ACORD XML in web services.

Day 1 Afternoon: Construction of WCF Web Services in IVC

Lecture: Implementing an ACORD web service in WCF. Examination of service interface and its attributes, specifying behaviors and changing serializers. Writing a service implementation class, connecting it to the service interface. Specifying namespace of XML used in service. Specifying bindings and endpoints, changes needed to default settings to support ACORD XML specific conditions. Generating test clients and connecting them to the web service. Setting up tracing and logging to watch and verify ACORD XML flowing between parties. 

Lab: Modify IVC-supplied project to set up a WCF web service that you will use as the basis for your product development.

Day 2 Morning:  Data Contracts, Serialization Classes, Slimming the Schema

Lecture: Examination of classes that serialize to ACORD XML. Generation of classes from the ACORD XML schema using XsdObjectGen utility provided with IVC. Removal of unneeded items from schema or generated classes using tools written by your instructor, discussion of optimum location for this removal.  Specification of namespaces and namespace qualification of the generated XML. Handling of arrays and collection with generic List classes.  Handling of code lists. Pre-generation of serialization code. Performance considerations. Using generated serializer on client side. Handling unexpected elements in your XML.

Lab: Design and generate serialization classes needed for your product development .

Day 2 Afternoon:  Connection Of Web Method to Business Logic

Lecture: Discussion of possible options for placing an ACORD XML web service's business logic: direct action in the web service object, separate class instantiated by the web service object, factory pattern invoked by web service object, dependency injection by external framework into the web service object; advantages and disadvantages of each. Examination of dependency injection mechanism for WCF.

Lab: Design and implement business logic connection for your product development.


Day 3 Morning:  Automated Testing of ACORD IVCSF Web Services and Their Business Logic

Lecture: Concepts of unit testing and integration testing. Differences between unit tests and integration tests: “In unit testing, there can be only one culprit.” Development of unit tests for individual classes and modules. Properties of good unit tests: automated, repeatable, quick, persistent. Examples of good and bad unit tests. Prescriptions for automatic testing. Using a test framework designed by your instructor to automatically run ACORD XML transactions specified as XML files.

Lab: Design and implement one unit and one integration test for your product development.

Day 3 Afternoon:  Students' Requests

Lecture and Lab:  Exploration of topics chosen by the students based on their learning experiences during the class.


Price: $18,000 taught at your location (includes travel in US and Canada)
          $16,000 taught remotely via web connection
          Additional design consulting day(s) w/class: $2500 onsite /$2000 remote