Training Class on Prism, MVVM, and MEF

Programming Prism, MVVM, and MEF

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What Exactly Is Prism and Where Do I Get It?

Taught by David S. Platt, M.E.

President, Rolling Thunder Computing Inc

Instructor in Computer Science, Harvard University Extension School

Author of Introducing Microsoft .NET from Microsoft Press, and Why Software Sucks from A-W

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Schedule/Topic Grid:     

Day Morning Topic Afternoon Topic
1 Introduction, Basic Architecture Walkthrough of Application Source Code, Featuring MEF and UnityContainer
2 Services and Modules User Interface Composition with Regions and Views using Model View ViewModel
3 Shared User Interface Extensions and Commands Event System. Testing of Prism Applications
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Date/Time: TBA

Prerequisites: Basic familiarity with the .NET Framework and Visual Studio 2010. Class is taught in C#, but Visual Basic users are welcome. Sample programs are in VS 2010 C#.   Knowledge of CAB/SCSF is not required.

GUARANTEED! We stand firmly behind our training class and the knowledge we're confident you'll gain from attending. You must be completely satisfied with the quality and results of attending this training, or we will fully refund your tuition.   If you attend the class and you're not happy, you don't pay. This includes any problems with web delivery, even if they're on your end. This policy does not apply to students who register for the class but don't attend.  Our cancellation policy is in the next paragraph.