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ONLINE PUBLIC CLASS on March 22-24, 2010   1000 - 1800 ET

Or in-house at your company, on your schedule, customized to your needs

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Programming Microsoft HealthVault    

Taught by David S. Platt, M.E.
President, Rolling Thunder Computing Inc
Instructor in Computer Science, Harvard University Extension School
Author of Introducing Microsoft .NET from Microsoft Press

“Dave is the best healthcare software developer and teacher I know”
               -- Clifford Goldsmith MD, Microsoft Consulting Services

"The class was wonderful. Even though it was online, I did not miss face to face interaction. It surely will cut down my development time by a substantial factor, because now I know where to find what. The sample projects that you provided are very useful. The design ideas that you gave are great."
-- Authentic Student Evaluation

"Having sat through many multi-day PowerPoint marathons, I can not overstate how great it was to have a primarily hands on, example driven course.  I really liked the fact that 3 hours into the course we had already installed the HealthVault API, set up a project in Visual Studio, and were able to walk through, execute, and modify source code with you.  The shortcuts and tricks you showed us were great.  It was also a refreshing change to have a course on a subject where the instructor *REALLY* understood the underlying technology. (.NET)  Your ability to explain not just HealthVault in theory but HealthVault in practice were very helpful."
-- Another Authentic Student Evaluation

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Schedule/Topic Grid:                  

Day Morning Topic Afternoon Topic
1 Introduction, problems addressed by HealthVault, basic architecture of HealthVault system Design of Web Applications using HealthVault
2 Application Data User Experience Design for HealthVault Applicatoins
3 Offline Operations, Interfacing With Clinical Systems Students' Requests

Brief Description: This is a three-day, hands-on, code-based class on developing Microsoft HealthVault applications. It is intended for developers, architects, and technical managers. It covers the architecture of the HealthVault system, emphasizing the design and development of applications that use it. We also discuss the data model that HealthVault uses, and the offline connection of clinical systems to HealthVault. Time is reserved for exploring issues of particular importance to the students’ development projects. During lab time, students are encouraged to begin working on their target applications under the instructor’s guidance. The class is taught primarily through coding examples, with no PowerPoint whatsoever.

Detailed Syllabus               Online Registration

Prerequisites: Basic familiarity with the .NET Framework and Visual Studio 2008 are required. Class is taught in C#, but Visual Basic users are welcome. 

Remote Connection: The class will be taught online via Information about your hardware and software setup is at this link. I'll share my desktop, so you can see what I'm working on at any time. I'll send you the sample code so you can browse through it at your own pace during the class, and the course notes too. We've run remote classes before, and most people liked the results. While it wasn't quite the same as being there in person, a live instructor was much more effective than any recording or self-study. And everyone liked not having to travel.

Time: Class runs 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM Eastern Time

Cost: US$ 1295/person until 1700 ET on January 31, 2010, $1495 per person thereafter 

GUARANTEED! We stand firmly behind our training class and the knowledge we're confident you'll gain from attending. You must be completely satisfied with the quality and results of attending this training, or we will fully refund your tuition. 

Cancellation Policy: Full refund if cancellation received by 1700 ET on January 31, 2010.  No refund if cancellation received thereafter.

Substitution Policy: You may freely substitute a different attendee at any time for any reason.

Dates don't work for you, or too many attendees for your travel budget? You can have this class taught in-house at your company. Click here to read about in-house classes, then call for details. It's usually cost-effective if you have 6 or more students. 

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