Introducing Microsoft .NET

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Introducing Microsoft .NET

in-house at your company, on your schedule, customized to your needs

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Taught by David S. Platt, M.E.

President, Rolling Thunder Computing Inc

Instructor in Computer Science, Harvard University Extension School

Author of Introducing Microsoft .NET from Microsoft Press, and Why Software Sucks from A-W

Let Software Legend and Master Instructor David Platt ease your conversion to Microsoft .NET. Your team's time, your project's success, and, let's face it, your career path, are far too valuable to take one-size-fits-all instruction, to have some art major come in and read you a deck of PowerPoint slides. You want the guy who wrote Microsoft's lead book on the topic, the guy who teaches it today at Harvard University Extension School, the guy who's seen hundreds of development projects, knows what makes them succeed, and most important, can explain it to you better than anyone else.

Dave will customize a course of instruction to your specific needs. He doesn't use PowerPoint slides, he teaches with books and with code, Code, CODE! After every class, you get a 1-hour follow-up online meeting, and 90 days of email question support. All classes are available in both C# and Visual Basic. 

There aren't any pre-requisites. Dave will pick your team up wherever they are, and jump start them towards YOUR specific goals. We can start with languages if we need to, or skip them if you already know C# or VB. We can stay a little while in ASP.NET, or longer if you need it, or skip that topic entirely if browser-based applications aren't where you need to be. The same applies to web services and all other topics. YOU'RE in control.

Below you'll see an example of a .NET course, but every customer's situation is unique. Call today and let us customize a class for your team.

Sample Curriculum, Will Be Customized To Your Needs

Day Morning Topic Afternoon Topic
Monday Introduction, Compilation, Microsoft Intermediate Language, Assemblies, Versioning Type System, Value and Reference Types, Inheritance, Generics, Constructors
Tuesday Garbage collection and memory management
Exceptions, Transactions, Interoperation with COM, Code Access Security
Wednesday ASP.NET, part 1: Basic design strategy, Server-based controls, Page lifecycle, control validation  ASP.NET Part 2: State management, Security, Authentication choices, Profile system, Themes and skins. 
Thursday Web Services with WCF, part 1: Basic design strategy, Contracts Bindings and Endpoints, Designing Client Apps Web Services with WCF, part 2: Configuration through programs or administration, Choices in security and concurrency management
Friday LINQ Data Access: Basic application layout. Generating LINQ classes and DataContext, Performing data operations with LINQ, Performance consideration. Students' Requests: Topics selected by the students based on their new knowledge. Examples include Threading, Reflection, XML Serialization