Training Class on Microsoft Azure

Programming Microsoft Azure
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In-house at your company, on your schedule

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Taught by David S. Platt, M.E.

President, Rolling Thunder Computing Inc
Instructor in Computer Science, Harvard University Extension School

Author of Microsoft's Introduction to Azure Course


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Schedule/Topic Grid:     

Day Morning Topic Afternoon Topic
1 Introduction, Problems Solved and Not Solved by Azure, Hello Cloud Program Cloud Application Architecture and the Compute Service
2 Non-Relational Storage: Use of Tables, Blobs, and Drives Relational Storage: Use of SQL Azure
3 Asynchronous Operation Patterns Using Queues Managing, Debugging, and Monitoring Azure Applications
4 Identity Management in the Cloud Students' Choice
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Prerequisites: Basic familiarity with the .NET Framework and Visual Studio 2010. Class is taught in C#, but Visual Basic users are welcome.

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